• Chrome Baby Moon Steel hubcaps
  • Chrome Baby Moon Steel hubcaps


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15” Steel Chrome Baby Moon hubcaps

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15” Steel chrome Baby Moon hubcaps 


– Retro chrome-plated steel wheel trims produced using traditional technology. 
– High quality steel. 
– Nickel-plated then plated with three layers of chrome.
– Super-hard and durable high-quality finish.
– Corrosion-free and resistant to salt and chemicals.
– Will withstand high braking temperatures.
– Easily and securely fitted to steel wheels by ‘shark teeth’ retention system.
– Suitable for classic cars and modern cars.
– Cover the wheel completely, leaving a narrow gap around the rim.
– Suitable for the steel wheels only – not alloy wheels.

The set includes four hubcaps.
We have for sale steel chrome Baby Moon hubcaps in 13”, 14”, 15” and 16” sizes.

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