Full steel chrome Baby Moon Hubcaps


This is real Full Steel Chrome hubcaps Baby Moon.
Newly manufactured but using old technologies from 30th – 70th when plastic was prohibited to use in production of wheels’ related parts.

“Shark Teeth” retention system (Steel Spring Retaining Clips) is reliable and keeps Wheel Covers (hubcaps) tight on the wheels. The installation is easy and secure with Steel Spring Retaining Clips.

Chrome Steel Finish, Triple Plated, Mirror Like perfect looking finish.
Made of Solid STEEL, these caps will LAST FOR YEARS although all depends on buyer’s usage.
Steel Chrome Covers (caps) are suitable for retro or modern wheels. Universal Fitment, the Hubcaps will fit any standard wheel of relevant size.


We sell Steel Chrome hubcaps Baby Moon of 13”, 14” and 15” sizes. Price shown includes Set of 4 high quality wheel covers.